Diamonds Are Not Precious

They say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”
But would they agree if they found the truth in the end
Of how these precious stones are proven to be symbols of bloodshed
By the shocking sight of children soldiers killing those up ahead
Thousands of lives are lost in one single day
As most Americans continue to have their way
For diamonds are on high demand
On the freedom country land
Though thousands are completely oblivious
To the truth behind the stones that are considered precious
Tears of pain are found
As children watch their loved ones fall to the ground
Fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers
Are among the ones that are lost with the others

Gun shots are heard from a distance
As all these people are left in a state of trance
Hell stands in their path of wishful paradise
While tears of agony continue to well up in their eyes
Children are captured and forced to kill
And watch all of innocent people’s blood spill
To the ground that the people walk on everyday
Hoping that someday this will all come to an end
And have all their painful sorrows all spent
These diamonds are not what they seem to be
For they have caused so many people to painfully bleed

And perish as their souls are lifted to a safer place
While the world continues to move in a much slower pace
Diamonds may be a shiny rock that is placed on a woman’s finger
But the story behind the diamond is what in their minds has to linger
For every diamond now represents all those innocent lives that are forever gone
And for this reason the future is what the people have to live on
And to this day, conflict-diamonds are still sold
Because the truth has never been fully told
And for this reason the film Blood Diamond came to theaters
As the people finally begin to find the truth of all these diamond creators

Diamonds may be precious to many who fail to realize the true story
But to me, it is far beyond the blissful glory
Diamonds are symbolic stones of blood
As this red liquid will forever flood
The minds of those that are living in this cruel world today
That will never seem to find its peaceful way
This thus concludes all that I have to say to you
And I hope that this indeed touches your soul that will hopefully remain true
Diamonds are just rocks but a life is worth all the money in the world.