Earth Day 2002

I remember when we first moved to our new home we had a big backyard. It was awful dirt, just dirt everywhere. A few months had passed my dad made a spectacular miracle. The backyard now had Green Trees, Beautiful flowers everything was so wonderful. What a difference he has made maintaining our beautiful lawn something I probably couldn’t ever do. When we were children I got a tree a forest tree that recently just died a few years ago I was sad so my dad planted another tree and for that I was glad. For the air we breathe that is where our family has taken part for many years in Earth Day 2002.

Why we are here today?

The winds blows around us With each breath we take. The lush green trees Scattered leaves falling The blue sky and Oceans far and deep People we must save ourselves! For no one will do it but us and only us alone. We take for granted the beautiful things around us. We must take action for nature, mankind and our mother earth. But most of all remember the trees and everything green we have Around us will die without out are help. That is why we must plant a tree and save a life our own.

Marcie Lucas


Mother Earth

She kept us safe for a million years

And with our destruction she weeps in tears.

A Cry for our help she has yelled

We fail to see that by ourselves

The water turns green ugly with mold.

Remember she screamed help and so she told

The years have passed trees die and wither

In a million years will cry for help and soon wither

Trees are our oxygen that we breathe. Oceans produce water for our life Our mother earth what have we done? We must save her I will help so come one come all on earth day and plant a tree.

Marcie Lucas