Leonardo’s Audio Message

This message was an audio announcement. Since I couldn’t get the audio part I typed up what was said by Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

Hello this is Leonardo DiCaprio here.  You may know me as an actor but I am also extremely concerned about our environment.  We are at a turning point in our county right now so it may be hard to focus on environmental issues at times like these but we shouldn’t let our guard down we must not let congress and big oil companies do what they want with our national wilderness areas that are part of our heritage.  Let’s not let these big corporate powerhouses fool us into thinking that our only energy resource is oil.  We need our government to encourage a climate of innovation.  Let’s tell congress we want to focus on clean energy solutions that will reduce our demands for oil all together.  Like new technology cars that use little or no gas.  So let’s do the real patriotic thing.

Let’s tell our senator’s and representatives that drilling in the arctic will never solve our country’s energy problems.  We wanna start a clean energy revolution!