Iceland Minke whales

As I write defenseless Minke whales are under attack.(?IFAW)

Dear Friend,


Horrifying news from the front lines of the fight to protect the whales:


After 14 years of respecting the global whaling ban, Iceland has again taken up the harpoon.


A few weeks ago, Icelandic whalers brutally slaughtered a young minke whale in the North Atlantic. As I write, three whaling boats fitted with explosive harpoons are hunting dozens more whales off the Icelandic coast. To learn how you can stop them, please click here .


These events have been met with a storm of diplomatic criticism worldwide. But the cruel slaughter continues. The Icelandic Fisheries Ministry has now announced it plans to kill 38 whales by September 15th, and more than 500 over the next two years. Iceland says this hunt is for “science,” but meat from the first whales killed has already been sold at a high price in local markets. Meanwhile, the ultimate market for meat from this renewed hunt waits, patiently, half a world away – in Japan.


IFAW was the first international organization to respond to this crisis. We have scrambled campaigners to Reykjavik to document the cruel slaughter. And working around the clock with journalists, outraged Icelandic citizens and whale friendly governments worldwide, IFAW is doing all we can to spread the word and get Iceland to reverse this terrible decision. But to actually stop this cruel slaughter, we, and the whales, desperately need your help.


Please forward this message to as many friends and contacts as you can. Then go to IFAW’s Action Center for Whales to send a letter of protest to the Icelandic Embassy. If you can, please also make a donation to help keep our whale campaign teams in the field. With your help we can keep the whalers at bay and save these magnificent animals!



Fred O’Regan

President and CEO


PS: As I write, Icelandic whalers are looking for their next kill, so every minute counts. Please forward this message immediately and then visit IFAW’s Action Center for Whales to send your letter of protest.

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