Earth Day

Hello E-Club members,

It is that time of year when Mother Earth renews herself and we, in turn, find new and exciting
ways to renew ourselves. We have just celebrated Earth Day. I hope all of you were able to
participate in some way.

EARTH DAY: Although we celebrate Earth Day at the Spring Equinox and on April 22nd each year,
it’s truly heartwarming to see that the number of people interested in being apart of the "solution,"
is continually increasing. Many of the Message Board participants have been sharing thoughts,
ideas, and solutions. Thanks to the Internet, we feel as though we are one big
matter where on the planet we live.

Photographs taken during Earth Day events are already filtering in. If you have any you would
like to share, please email them to REMEMBER, Arbor Day is
coming in May. So, let’s keep the environmental ball rolling. Plant a tree, a shrub or other
green plant to help replace CO2 (carbon dioxide) with O2 (oxygen). Each one of us can be
responsible for ridding our atmosphere of unhealthy pollution. Send pictures of trees.your
favorite tree, a special tree in your neighborhood, or
We at will post them on the site.

The United Nations Environmental Program’s (UNEP) World Environment Day is scheduled for
June 5th. UNEP’s big day catalyses thousands of environmental activities in hundreds of
countries. This year the main event is being hosted by Shenzen, China, an export orientated
city which has shown leadership in environmental management, close to Hong Kong in southern
China. For further information go to

REEF CHECK: Reef Check staff and volunteers were on line with chatters on Earth Day. They
loved all your questions and were truly excited about participating and chatting with all of you.
To learn more about conservation and preservation of our reefs, visit Reef Check on Leonardo’s
site. This organization believes in working for win-win solutions for everyone.

NRDC: How about that NRDC!? Wow! Their latest victory for the ANWAR provides hope in the
battle for fossil fuel reduction. Alternative energy sources ARE the future. The sooner we get on
this bandwagon, the better for us and the generations that come after. Visitors from around
the world have been acknowledging the work NRDC is doing. No matter your geographical
location, if you believe in something, make yourself heard. Governments everywhere need to
know that the decisions they make with respect to environmental issues have an affect beyond
their own borders. To keep up with what is happening with NRDC, check out Leonardo’s site or
go to NRDC works for the environment, and not just in the U.S. frequently receives feedback, from visitors and fans with respect to
environmental issues. We want you to know we really appreciate it. It feels great to know that
the work we do on Leonardo’s environmental site is reaching around the globe. This is our goal.
Your feedback let’s us know we are accomplishing that goal.

LEONARDO: We saved the best for last. LOL Catch Me If You Can is in the final stages of
filming. It should wrap within the next two weeks. CMIYC is scheduled to be out in December
of this year. As for Gangs of New York, I’m sure you have all heard that the release date has
been changed. It is currently scheduled to open late this year. Look for Leo in your local theater. would like to thank everyone who has provided poems for Leonardo’s site.
They are so beautiful. Not all of the poems have been posted. More will be posted in the
coming weeks. If you would like to share a poem you have written, please send it to contact

We are creating a photography gallery and would like to invite anyone who is an amateur
photographer or anyone who likes taking pictures, to send us samples of your work. We will
pick a few each month to be posted on Leonardo’s site in the Art Gallery. Please email jpegs
to The format in the photo-gallery will be similar to the New
Artist section. We will place your work as well as personal information in this gallery. The
personal information to be displayed with the photography has not be determined, but it will be
brief and to the point.

We are still working on changes for the site. In the next few weeks look for an update on some
design work, some new photos and something interesting "on the set."

Until the next newsletter, enjoy the site.
Birken Staff