Carbon Neutral

Leonardo DiCaprio goes "CarbonNeutral"

Leonardo DiCaprio has become the first U.S. actor to become a CarbonNeutral citizen. What does this mean? It means that working with Future Forests, utilizing their ‘carbon calculator,’ Leonardo and Future Forests calculated how many tons of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), Leonardo emitted into the atmosphere during his daily life for the past 9-10 years. It works out to be 11 Tons per year. To help balance out, or neutralize, his personal carbon dioxide emissions, Leonardo is having trees planted in a sustainable forestry project in Mexico and investing in a couple of alternative energy projects; a micro-hydro dam in Germany and Biomass Gasifiers in India.

If you would like to make all, or part, of your life CarbonNeutral, you can calculate your personal greenhouse emissions online at Once you have calculated how much CO2 you create, you will know how many trees you can plant to "neutralize" your emissions. You can, then, choose to dedicate one or more trees in the same forest Leonardo has had his trees planted (Mexico), or in one of three other locations – North America, Europe or India. When you do this, Future Forests will send you a certificate, specially created by Leonardo along with a map directing you to where the forest, you chose, is located. Over their lifetime, the trees you have planted will soak up the carbon dioxide, turning it into oxygen and wood, as well as providing beautiful green spaces and havens for people and for wildlife.

Everything we do in our life, from boiling a kettle of water, to going on holiday/vacation, creates the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most significant contributor to global warming. Planting trees is one of the first steps we can take to help deal with some of the global warming we cause – because trees can naturally soak up unavoidable emissions. It is even more important to be conscientious about how much CO2 we do put into the air, every day. To help keep carbon dioxide emissions low, check out the following helpful hints and tips. You can make a difference by utilizing these tips every time it is applicable.

  • Unplug your cellular phone charger after use; it continues to use electricity even when your phone is not in the cradle
  • Switch to energy efficient light-bulbs, they last longer and use up to 1/5 the amount of energy
  • Recycle what you can at work, and at home
  • Use public transportation whenever possible
  • If you have to drive – carpool
  • Make your next car purchase an energy efficient car
  • Take 5-minute showers instead of baths
  • If you can, line dry your clothes rather than tumble dry
  • Check the level of insulation in your home, bring it up to current code, or better
  • Switch off lights when you leave a room
  • Use email rather than fax – it uses less energy

We want everyone to get involved and look at ways they can reduce and neutralize their carbon dioxide emissions, so why not forward this email on to your friends and encourage them to do their part.

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