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‘That time will come’: Leonardo DiCaprio talks marriage and why women play such a small role in The Revenant

He is expected to be nominated for his sixth Academy Award for The Revenant this month.

And in a new interview with Parade magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio talks more about the intense Alejandro González Iñárritu-directed drama and opens up about fame, his passion for saving the environment and remaining a bachelor at 41-years-old.

When asked if he believes in marriage, Leo responded: ‘That time will come when that time comes. The truth is, you can’t predict marriage. You can’t plan it. It’s just going to happen when it happens.’

The actor recently split with girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach, 25, and Us Weekly claims the couple – who were first linked in June – split over a month ago duo to spending too much time apart thanks to work schedules.

Leo stars in The Revenant – released in theatres on Christmas Day – which has already received a lot of press for its violent scenes of survival in a bleak wintry landscape.

Parade asked the star why women play such a small role in the drama, and why the men are so gruesome and dominating.

‘This represents the savagery of a lawless culture. Women have been the most persecuted people throughout all of recorded history, more than any race or religion.’

In the harrowing drama set in 1823, Leo plays a fur trapper left injured and abandoned in the winter wilderness.

The story is based on the life of frontiersman Hugh Glass and the Aviator star spent months in the Canadian wilderness to shoot the movie which he stars in alongside Brit star Tom Hardy. The Wolf Of Wall Street star reflected on whether his career is worth the price of fame.

‘Fame for fame’s sake? No. But if I wanted to quit acting, I could have done it a long time ago. I love making movies. I feel lucky and fortunate to do it, and it is absolutely worth sacrificing a lot of my private life.

‘I don’t think anyone [famous] ever really gets used to it. It’s always surreal. At the end of the day, there are people with much harder jobs who sacrifice a lot more of their own lives to do them, people in the armed forces. I don’t want to hear myself complain about the hardships of being famous—because I do have the freedom to stop, if I wanted to.’
Leo is currently filming a new documentary on the environment and explained: ‘We’ve been all over the world for this, from Argentina to the Arctic. I just got back from China and India. It was an eye-opening experience. We’re absolutely digging our own ecological grave.’

The Inception star revealed that the natural world had always fascinated him as a child.

‘As a young boy I was obsessed with endangered species and the extinct species that men killed off. Biology was the subject in school that I was incredibly passionate about.’
As a kid, I was going to be a marine biologist or an actor. When I became successful as an actor, I said, “Well, maybe I can lend a voice to this with an equal passion.”