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Thanks to an old friend Nicky is helping us get back on track with events. So I did some updates and you can view them below.

Candids: Holiday in Cabo St. Lucas

Pictures from the Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Raising Gala Benefiting

He presented the Best Actress in a drama at the Golden Globes plus one with the winner posted on the Getty Instagram with one extra picture.

The elephantleaugue posted a picture on their Instagram with Leo, it looks like they discussed their documentary “The Ivory Game” (even this project is produced by Leo)

#EAL & #WildLeaks co-founder Andrea Crosta (first left) in LA talking about #TheIvoryGame and elephants with #LeonardoDiCaprio, Paul Allen, co-director Kief Davidson and Adam Del Deo of Netflix. ————————————– Talking about this powerful documentary and the complexity of the Ivory trade is crucial to save the elephants and apply pressure on China and Africa. @ElephantLeague will be monitoring the implementation of the Ivory ban in China during 2017. ————————————– #FightingBackForWildlife #elephants #wildlife #wildlifedocumentary #savetheelephants #banivorytrade #banivory #filmmaking #AndreaCrosta #LosAngeles #oscars #wildlifecrime #conservation

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