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Leonardo DiCaprio hunts down and scares the life out of Jonah Hill in West Village

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, co-stars from the 2013 Academy Award-nominated film, had a surprise run-in on the sidewalks of the West Village Monday when the 41-year-old “Revenant” actor snuck up on his old friend.

First, DiCaprio spots his prey. He’s slightly soft, in jeans and a jacket that aren’t suited for running away.

There’s no time to weigh the perfect attack route. There’s only time to strike.

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DiCaprio lunges at his co-star. His phone is out, poised to photograph the radiant creature in the wild.

Hill is startled. Who is this strange man? What does he want? Why is he coming toward me? What is that delightful red drink he’s holding?


As DiCaprio gets closer, the frightened prey finally realizes what’s happening. There’s no need to worry here. It’s just DiCaprio, rocking two shades of blue and an enviable dad bod.

All is safe, for now.