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Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold and Jeremy Miller share favorite ‘Growing Pains’ moments

The Seavers were one of television’s most beloved families, and when cast members from “Growing Pains” recently reunited on TODAY, they shared some of their favorite episodes from the show … starting with inimitable patriarch Alan Thicke.

“Any of my favorite moments of Alan were usually when he was losing his mind over something we had done, usually something Kirk had done,” said Jeremy Miller, who played younger brother Ben.

“Brad Pitt was one of the nicest guys, hands down,” Miller remembered. “And for years afterward, even after ‘Thelma and Louise,’ even after he had really started to blow up, although he wasn’t Brangelina at that point, I’d run into him at the store.”

“We ran into each other multiple times and I didn’t want to bother him,” he continued. “I wouldn’t go approach him. And generally if he saw me, he’d yell out across the store ‘Jeremy!’ He’d come over and give a big hug and say hi and ask how we’ve been doing and we’d reminisce and he’d ask about you guys. It was just really nice that he was such a warm guy.”

Gold recalled, “He really did feel like a Midwest nice guy. And I kind of remember when we came for the table read, the next day, he sent muffins and thank-you notes to everybody for having a great time that week.”

She added, “Leo’s as nice as can be. We’ve seen him over the years and he’s always genuinely kind and nice.”