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Readded Photoshoot sets 1- 39 and 1 photoshoot from 1990.

Graphic Artists Contest:

If your a graphics artist and love to make Leo graphics. I am having a contest.

Here’s what we need:

Subject: Shutter Island and Inception.
1. Make graphics of your choice rather it be icons, calendars, signatures, or drawings.
2. Size of graphic is your choice.
3. Feel free to use, text, brushes, textures and what ever you like to dress up the graphics.
4. You can use all captures that are in the Captures Gallery just register if you are not already registered.
5. The graphics must be made by you only.

All entries will be posted on the site.
Deadline: January 25th, 2010

All Participants will get free access to the main gallery for the period of 1 year.

Video Update: Shirtless Leo and Bikini-Clad Bar in Mexico!


  1. Where do we submit them to? I have a ton of icons that I’ve made recently. How many entries can we submit?

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