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Gallery Update

I did a bit of a clean up on the gallery I cleaned up photoshoots some images were in wrong categories or we had duplicates that is now fixed. Added HQ’s to some events, finished the Growing Pains section, Categorized Other Events into Years though some are missing the years so I left them out of their respective categories until i can fix those.

Added missing photo shoot images and posters to Before the Flood. Two images to Parenthood.

The Foot Shooting Party and The Audition are now in Shorts.
Before the Flood, Hubble 3D and 11th Hour are now in Documentaries.

Thanks to Nicky we now have all captures for Leo Movies except the ones that are still on DVD which will remain in their current size. I will add Screen Captures for Gangs of New York, Inception, Romeo and Juliet, Shutter Island, The Aviator, The Basketball Diaries, Titanic and the Revenant soon.