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Big Gallery Update

Here’s what’s going on,

A lot of users, were getting confused that there are two galleries. The Main Gallery and the Captures gallery. They think just because they have an account at captures that they are automatically added to the main gallery which is not the case. So I took down the captures gallery and am currently integrating captures back into the dicapriophotos. It clears up confusion and you guys won’t have to have two accounts, I know that you guys must find that as an inconvenience.

So far, I added the interviews and tv captures. All users of the Captures Gallery were deleted so don’t log into the main gallery unless you are already a member. If your not a member consider applying to the main gallery which is now the only gallery on this site.

The following are the updates I recently made:

Candids 2009 and 2010
Body of Lies Paris Premiere
Inception Set
Shutter Island Press Conference
Captures – TV and Interviews

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