History of Simply Leonardo DiCaprio

Created: December, 1999
Domain: heartofdestiny.com
Registered: According to WHOIS Nov. 2001.
Host: Total Choice

Why Heart of Destiny?

Well in short Titanic started it all. I wanted a name that sounded different not the same old thing. So I chose Heart from the Heart of the Ocean. And Destiny well that came from Jack and Rose’s Destiny to be together. So with that it became Heart of Destiny.

Why Leonardo DiCaprio?

He is a good role model teaching us the value of our planet “Earth”. I love his view on our ways, which we must change. Now that the ozone layer has split in two we must take action now! I also love his acting! He’s just amazing at it.

HOD’s route and how it came about?

I went through many hosts: Yahoo, Geocites, Angelfire, Aplus.net, Bravenet. Finally landing at Total Choice Hosting. I remember in about either early November or early December of 1999, I wanted to make a site about Titanic it was pretty much basic and I started out with free graphics from other sites. Then I started making graphics in January they were awful. I worked on different effects and viola. You see how I advanced in the years. I wanna thank my online friends who helped me with my graphics by giving me tips and effects to add to my graphics: Lisa Casey, Paola Thompson and Jen Agatone.

From Heart of Destiny to Simply Leonardo DiCaprio

My Titanic site “The Heart of Destiny” ran from December 1999 to April 2008. Changing from Coding in html and php to wordpress which made it much more better.

After that time we became Simply Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a name change deemed fit after the movie began to die off. So I did a name change. So from 2008 to the present this has been our name. For a while we were dicaprio.com until the owner decided to change that. But Simply Leonardo DiCaprio was always there.


I used to host once upon a time. I hosted Paola’s Thompson’s Site called Paola’s Titanic Domain and partnered with Kati and we made a site called Electricity Blends. Now I don’t host anymore, because my site became bigger than I ever expected and I need all the space I have.

Simply Leonardo DiCaprio

Converted to Simply Leonardo DiCaprio
Domain: simplyleonardodicaprio.com
Registered: June 4, 2008
Host: Host Gator