I wanna thank everyone for these fan signs. They really mean a lot to me, especially since you guys took the time to make them. It’s truly an honor more than you know. Thank You.

Thank you Julie it means a lot to hear you say that. And even more to receive this wonderful graphic. I wanna thank you too for your wonderful graphics which I admire a whole lot. It has been a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Awe Ivana it’s truly an honor to receive this. Your friendship means alot to me too. I am glad I found another Leo lover. It’s good to meet people who love the same thing. If you ever need anything let me know. I would be glad to help. Your graphics are truly amazing. Thank you.

Thanks Melissa for the fan sign. It’s been a pleasure helping out with your site. I love to help people. 🙂

Absolutely Fantastic. Thanks Mouss for visiting my site and taking the time to tell me that you loved it. I appreciate your compliment. Thanks so much.

Thanks Paola I really appreciate this fan sign. You are my one and only best friend we get along like sisters and I am glad that we have so many things in common. Someday I hope we can meet and be friends forever. Thanks Sis. BTW your graphics are cool and thanks for helping me when I needed help.

Thanks Kevin. I really appreciate this, I didn’t even expect it. We are not close, but I call you my friend. Your Site is awesome and I wanna thank you for letting me use your name for Secret Agent Dawson. You’re one cool guy. Thanks

Thanks Chibi. For this beautiful fan sign I appreciate that you let me post your stories and I look forward to reading what you have next. Thanks for loving HOD and being a fan.

This fan sign is unbelievable. Thanks Kasey I love your site as well too bad you shut it down I often went there. I appreciate all the comments that’s what make Simply Leonardo DiCaprio live on. Thanks A Bunch.

Paola it has been a pleasure having you as a friend and as someone that I could help with your website. But now that you are off on your own your site still continues to be amazing I wish you luck in all that you do. Thanks Marcie.

I love this fan sign thank you Priscilla sorry I didn’t post it I have been so busy, but thank you I really appreciate it.  I love all your sites keep it going. Thanks Priscilla! It is people like you who make me feel good that HOD is worth having up on the web. And that it is appreciated. Thanks GIRL!

Thank you Lisa for this beautiful fan sign it is so beautiful.  I don’t mind helping you when I can.
What are friends for?  Thank SIS!

Love this fan sign awesome! I love it.
It means so much to me. I appreciate it very much Jessi thank you!

Thank you Mellany. I love your new site it’s
awesome and the graphics are amazing.

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Thanks Christopher it was my pleasure.  I enjoy your website as well. Good luck in all that you do. You are my friend as well thank you.

Thanks Amanda for the beautiful fan sign. I love it I wanna thank you for being my Online pal I appreciate all the times we shared on the net thank you.

Thanks Maria for the fan sign I love it. I am glad to have found another Leo lover like myself! Your sites are also truly amazing I was sadden when you lost your site Fighter it was such a good site! I wish you good luck in everything that you do. Thanks.

Thank you Nina for the beautiful fan sign I love it and it means a lot to me that you
took the time to make it. Thank you Leo Buddy!

Wow Amazing Kristen thank for the fan sign. I appreciate it and your support.