The DiCaprio Collective

This site has recently merged with HOD H.Q. for means of improvement for visitors.

This site is really an extension to Simply Leonardo DiCaprio Headquarters Page. I had to make it a sub-domain because it was too much on one page and it needed a section of it’s own. I use to have it in separate domains back in the day making each movie a site. It got too hectic making layouts for each one that I decided to just compile them all into one site. The DiCaprio Collective was a start to just many ideas I had for my site. I am trying to make it unique so that no one has what I have. Although that is a little complicated because people steal and don’t give credit. So all screencaps and or scans have been donated or scanned or capped by me. Nothing was taken from other sites if they were they were credited respectively.

Simply Leonardo DiCaprio has been around for at least 8 years and growing bigger everyday. I would like to thank all my friends for coming by here repeatedly and commenting on my site. After all your the ones who make this site count.

Sites I use to have:

Alexander the Great

The Aviator

Parallel Universe

Fradulent Dreams

Total Eclipse

Sweet Revenge

The Heart of a King

Verona Beach Kingdom

Titanic Forever