Why do you love Leo?

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Ivana: I love Leo because he is a magnificent actor that captures my attention whenever I watch his movies. Also, he cares for the environment, which led me to become an environmentalist myself. He also has a caring heart and a wonderful personality. He’s the only actor, really, that I have loved for this long (almost eight years) and I’m not afraid to admit it. Not only do I love him for those characteristics, he’s also mega gorgeous. Looks aren’t everything, I know that, but I can’t help to say just how good looking this man really is! Every time I watch one of his movies or stare at a picture, I feel as if I’m in heaven. He’s simply amazing. I love the man, and ALWAYS will.

Dicakylar / Cristina: Why I love Leo? I love him dearly for his Marvelous Wisdom, Talent, and his pure Loveliness that’s so absolutely Incredible and also, I can truly say, that he is my biggest Inspiration, he is the one that does what he can to protect our Universe from Air Eruption and water pollution. I can truly say; Leo is my *HERO* and the *BEST* by far…….

Julie: Since the tender age of 7, Early 1997 My life would never be the same, I found so much to admire in the eyes of a boy.Who? Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, he was my first and only fandom to this day, he has been my only favorite actor, I have never loved another, Everyone grew out of the phase of Leonardo DiCaprio, but don’t realize that Leo, is more than a pretty face, he is tender and has a talent anyone could dream for!  with every facial expression and dialogue its powerful each and every time all of his movies are really special cause he has this unique talent that is not found in many actors. he has a personality, sense of humor and smile that lights up all the world, lights up my world!  these are apparent reasons why I would Love him, To Me he isnt just an actor, but I admire him of all that he is, he brings me so much JOY so much GOOD in my Life, he’s my endless inspiration and I stand by his side and support him in all that he is and does forever and NO ONE can change that about me, I love him with all my heart he is my one and only! and he will always be that #1 Man in My Life.

Emilie: I love Leo because he is one of the finest actors in out time and an inspiring person.

Michelle: When I first saw Leo I was about eight years old and I remember hearing all this buzz about Leo! But I never really paid attention until about two or three years ago when we were doing Shakespeare at my high school and we watched the modern version of Romeo and Juliet, well we forced our teacher to put it on…I saw him and I just thought to myself this guy is really handsome. Then I remembered Titanic, I was now about 14 or 15 and I decided to go buy it. I watched and I fell in love. Awsome movie, I thought Leo was really good and I decided to rent some of the movies that I found and I realized what a great actor he is. Now I have all his movies, well except two that because I got into this Leo menia a little late I can’t find anywhere. Well now I’m into the environment and global warming now I’m part of the NRDC I even got a letter from the senate of the U.S.A saying how thankful they were for me showing my concern of the situation. I guess being a Leo fan really paid off. I think not only is he a great actor but a great person. I love him because he inspires me to do better and because he seems like a great guy.

Shadi: I love Leonardo because not only he is incredibly handsome but also he`s a brilliant actor.DiCaprio is one leading man who has made my heart go pitter-patter ever since I saw him in Romeo & Juliet!!!!

Farah: To watch movies which motivate me and have a story depth inspired me. For a long time I wanted to praise you for the outstanding acting you did in all the movies. You are great in all aspects whether you are a movie actor or a special person. As an actor the young and old people all go for you and cherish you. I am fascinated by your hard work which you do in Hollywood movies. Specially your brilliant style and smartness is worth appreciating. For me you are superb a versatile actor. And when its the golden globes awards you shine as a spectacular star walking as Leonardo DiCaprio. Hollywood cinema has a classy actor who knows how to act and outclasses all the roles he does. Leonardo you know how to act well that’s splendid I enjoy your movies you bring life into your roles. As an actor you are romantic,and appealing. What ever you do I am always with you as a friend and you are a winner as an actor. Its so amazing to see you caring for your Leonardo DiCaprio site. I like your dialogues, in “Titanic” as the last part was touchy and you showed your mark. To tell you the truth I cant imagine its Leonardo DiCaprio as I am very happy to love you dearly as I got a chance to acknowledge your hard work as an actor. As a movie actor you made me know what romance means and I started liking you Leonardo you have enlightened as an actor and your movies are lovely. Love has a special meaning in my life it can be by showing gratitude, having a captivating scene saying “I Love You” which captures your mind and makes you know what love means. I am fond of your acting and kindness towards the people of the world. Leonardo will always be the astounding actor walking to get the golden globe awards. And now do you know Leonardo DiCaprio I love you as you are a born actor of my life.

Bree: I love leo soooooo much for a lot of reasons, first and foremost being that hes SO VERY VERY SEXY! Like, I know that basing how much you like a guy on looks is bad but seriously, have you seen him??? Like, you don’t even understand. He’s so talented and so gorgeous that its almost like an issue for me right now! (not to sound creepy or stalkerish at all..lol) So Leo, if your out there, call me?

lollichop: Because He is a really good actor and has a good personality and i can’t help saying he’s handsome and he has a lovely smile.

Brandi: Leo is my hero,everything he does for the enviornment and just in general really inspires me. I have seen every single movie he has been in and i have every one of the magazines that he has ever been in, not to mention all the posters. He’s such a good guy and he has such a big heart. He helps me get through tough situations in my life. He’s my favorite actor and my number one hero, I want to thank him for being there and being such a great guy and person!

Kelsey: I was three years old when Titanic came out. I was five when I first saw the movie (Yes, five years old. Haha.) I instantly had this amazing feeling about him. I saw Titanic and fell in love. Just like millions of other people do. I’ve seen him do many different roles and he’s such an inspirational actor. I’ve always wondered how he is in reality. He’s charming and has an excellent smile. When I watch Titanic, I always dream of marrying a man like him, so passionate and carefree. Every character I have seen him play has that rebellious personality about them and he is so good at it. That’s what draws you in immediately. I’ve never really had that whole “young love” experience (I am 17), but just watching this makes me want to leave where I am and take risks for someone that I love. He gives me the butterflies. It’s so amazing. I may sound obsessed or creepy but I have so much passion for this man. I don’t care if he’s 20 years older than me, he’s still very attractive. Meeting him, even if its just a handshake or a smile, would mean the world and everything surrounding it to me. I added that to my bucket list. One day I’ll meet the first man that gave me butterflies. 🙂

Kimberly: What I love about Leo, well gosh there is so much to name! First of all would be his talent and the roles he plays. He can be a romantic character and then go into a really dark character, and you don’t see that too often. I remember first seeing him in the sitcom Growing Pains when I was really young, and then again later in Titanic when I was 11 years old. Like everyone I fell in love with him and the role he played as Jack Dawson. Recently I also discovered that he does a lot of originations and one that really stuck out to me was to save white tigers. That really is one of my favorite animals.

There are so many other things that I love about him, but one thing that is really great is that with how famous he is Leo hasn’t let fame get to his head, as well as he just seems like a down to earth person who would be easy to get along with.

IMG_8596 Shelby: My name is Shelby and I have loved Leonardo DiCaprio for most of my life. As a little girl, the movie Titanic fascinated me, I was totally amazed in the way that Leo spoke, looked, and made me feel. To this day, I watch the Titanic several times a year. His other movies have also changed my life. My favorite movie of his is probably What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He might not be as cute or charming in other movies such as Romeo and Juliet, Marvin’s Room, or The Great Gatsby, but his talent and—basically his incredible-ness in that movie has changed the playing grounds. Brad Pitt is a good actor, but does he have what our sweet Leo has? Most definitely not. Not only is Leo the most physically attractive person I have ever laid eyes on, but he is truly a spectacular artist. I hope to meet him. One of my aunt’s colleges was working in a restaurant in New York City and actually had the honor of serving him. That is something I aspire to. I want to be in a big city and just happen to run into him and talk to him like two people. I hope I do not cry or scream but I hope I can find the depth in real life in him that I have found in all of his movies. He is the greatest actor I have ever watched and I hope he finds someone truly kind and loving to spend the rest of his life with. If that person is not me, I completely understand, he could easily be my father, but I truly hope he finds someone to compliment his spectacularity. I love Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio with all of my heart.

2014-12-25 16.16.22Mary Beth My name is Mary Beth and I have loved him for 4 years since I was introduced to some of his earlier films. I love Leo for many reasons. He seems to be an outstanding guy and I respect that he is not like any other “new money” infamous star in Hollywood. Through his work it seems that he tries his hardest and even if he may not possess a Grammy, he doesn’t let that get to him. He is an amazing guy and I just wish I could meet him.