Written by Cuppy Cake

''Get on the boat Rose,'' Jack told her gently.

''No, Jack,'' she begged- she just couldn't go without him

''Yes GET on the boat Rose,'' Caledon Hockley suddenly appeared, ''my god, look at you- you look a fright!'' he took the steerage blanket jack had securely put around her and threw it at Jack.

Rose wanted to kiss Jack when she saw how surprised he looked.

'awwww' Rose thought but she was brought back to reality with the feel of Cal's cold coat around her shoulders.

Cal held her- Rose tried to pull away

''stop it,'' Cal said as he tightened his grip on her

''get off her!'' Jack shouted as he lead Rose away from cal

''Don't worry, I'll get the next one,'' Jack said gently as he looked into her eyes, caressing one of her red curls

''No, not without you,'' she replied with tears welling up in her eyes- now was the perfect time to tell him she loved him but Mr. Lightoller grabbed Rose before she could say anything- she didn't even get to kiss him goodbye.

She held his hand tightly until mr.Lightholler pushed Jack away.

''Wait a second! who's manning this boat!?'', ''please I need some volunteers,'' Rose spoke straight away:

''him!,'' she smiled pointing at Jack, plead in her eyes, ''he used to work on a squid boat in Monterey!''

''is that true?'' Lightholler asked Jack, impressed.

''Yes, sir,'' Jack replied, looking him in the eye

''well, what are you waiting for? would you do the honour of manning this boat, son?''

''it would be a pleasure,'' he smiled

He hopped on the boat as it began to set sail, Rose sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder as he rowed the boat gently.

His arms we're round her shoulder as he rowed.

She fell to sleep as she rested on his lap.

Then, a crewman took the oars off Jack: ''go on, have a rest son, you've done a brilliant job and it looks like she could do with a bit of loving,''

Jack smiled adoringly at Rose as he lifted her up and got her in a more comfy position. He rested her head on his shoulder.

Rose woke up in the daylight, still on the boat- a crewman was rowing the boat but- JACK!?
Then she realized someones arms we're wrapped tightly around her and she then turned and saw an angel sleeping next to her- Jack.

Jack woke up and saw Rose smiling at him.

''Hello, beautiful,'' he smiled at her, placing one single curl out her eye.

''Jack..?'' she asked nervously

''yes honey,''

''Jack, I Love You,'' she smiled truthfully

Jack looked at her with a bit of a shocked face but then smiled.

''I Love You, Too,'' and he kissed her.