Written By: Cuppy Cake

Rated R


    So there we were, Jack and I sitting in Mr. Carters red Renault. He had his arms wrapped around me- oh I felt so safe. He looked at me, looked into my soul. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me. Quite a strange, unreal thought but then I realized I wanted the same thing. I wanted Jack to make love to me, I wanted to feel his hands caress me, I wanted to feel his lips against my body. I thought I was mad thinking such. . . erotic thoughts but then I felt it was so right to want Jack to do things that are so. . .rebellious, in our case, to me.


By this time he was searching my face, just looking at me. I love the view of his eyes on me. His piercing, hypnotic, beautiful, sapphire, blue eyes. My hands laced through his as his did through mine. I took a deep breath, anticipating the moment- as if knowing what was going to happen.


''Are you nervous?'' Jack asked me sweetly. I searched his face. 'I suppose I should be nervous. After all, never before has a man done what Jack was about to do' the naive part of me thought. But the part that wanted Jack knew I wasn't nervous- deep inside.

''No,'' I whispered. He smiled beautifully at me. I couldn't help but smile back. I leant back against his arm and took his hand. I kissed his fingers and I'm sure I heard Jack gasp as if he couldn't hold his passion for me in. He waited patiently.


When I'd finished I looked into his eyes. What I was about to do was ever so rebellious, ever so sly. But I wanted it- not to 'get back' on my Mother or Cal, not to clear my head. I wanted it because I love Jack Dawson! I love him!


''Put your hands on me, Jack,'' He looked at me, somewhat shocked but gingerly he brought his hand down slightly, I suppose he was unsure. I took his hand in mine and I placed it on my left breast. Oh god! what a feeling! I felt a sweet, electric feeling originate from my most private area as soon as he placed his hand on me. Even more so when he squeezed it slightly! Nevertheless, it was such a nice feeling and I confess it was quite. . .pleasurable. I liked it.


I imagined what this would be like with Cal. Somewhat different, I thought. Both of Jack's hands were on both of my breasts and he rubbed them. I felt myself surrender to him, ''Jack. . .'' I moaned. His lips left mine and instantly came to my neck, he nuzzled my neck and then I felt him trace my jaw line with his tongue-- oh, how deliciously arousing! But yet, the best was yet to come, I was lost in the sensation of him nuzzling my neck when I suddenly felt his hands drifting up my dress, he made contact with my legs, Oh gosh! had I ever experienced something this pleasurable? God, no, but I can tell you now, what he was doing was giving me such a beautiful feeling. I didn't want it to go away anytime soon. . .


He slowly and cautiously lifted the hem of my dress up over my thighs. He traced the outlines of my legs, almost. . .teasingly and I can imagine my face was flushed with pleasure and my obvious arousal. His hands found my thighs and he massaged upwards until he got to my inner thighs. There, he stopped. I felt myself re-open my eyes, only to glare at him with malice. When he saw the look I was giving him he did something which I never expected anyone to do to me- he slid his forefinger across the underlining of my underwear. Oh my goodness!  Never in my life had I ever. . .


My eyes widened and my voice became hoarse and breathless as I heard myself automatically moan his name. I felt I would cry from the love that invaded my heart and soul. Even more so when he rubbed my sensitive spot with more pressure. I heard him utter my name and then remark on how beautiful I was.


''Oh Rose. . .you're so beautiful. . .'' Oh Jack! If I felt myself care on anything other than making love with you I would probably blush. He explored me now, carefully. From time to time, I felt his eyes on me to judge my pleasure. Most of the time, my head was tilted back, my eyes closed, a satisfied smile on my lips, my brow furrowed and my hands above my head indicating a 'surrendering' pose, the look, of course, would not be complete without a moan escaping my lips.


He removed my dress and I opened my eyes nervously as he smiled adoringly at me. My red curls bounced on my shoulders as I trembled slightly. I smiled back lovingly as his eyes were only focused on my face, nowhere else, he brought his lips down and kissed me sweetly. I still had that beautiful feeling run through my body, he kissed me all over, exploring my body with his lips this time.


I unbuttoned his shirt and I felt my mouth drop at the sight of his chest, I thought it was wrong of myself to think such things but I didn't care! I love Jack! If I think his body is sexy I can say!


''Oh Jack, you're so sexy,'' I smiled as I placed a loving hand on him. He smiled back and brought his lips down to kiss me. I was starting to get nervous now, he was hovering above me- we were both completely naked and he was ready to enter me. I felt myself tremble violently again and he took my hand in his own:


''Honey, are you sure you want to do this?'' his voice was trembling from the desire. How beautiful! the words he uttered to me were so caring, so loving, so. . .Jack! I smiled warmly at him, as I thought to myself had a more wonderful person be born to this mortal coil? No, Jack was the most caring, most loving, most beautiful, most perfect person in the world! I knew if I asked him to stop now, he would, without a single complaint! But, that was not what I intended to do. I tightened my grip on his hand.


''It's ok Jack. Love me, Make love to me. Please?'' He smiled and I took a deep breath, indicating I was ready. He brushed his lips against mine first then with a single thrust of his hips he was embedded in my body.


Oh My God! is all I can say. Jack was inside me and my eyes were shut tightly as my nails dug into his arms. I know he didn't mean to hurt me but it did. . .a bit. Not a great deal of pain enforced on me but a little bit did. I heard myself let out a gasp. Finally after several moments and after Jack had been waiting there, unsure of what to do passed, I opened my eyes, only to look into a pair of blue summer sky eyes that were filled with concern. I tousled his hair lovingly and he smiled slightly at my gesture. He leant down to kiss me and I did, I felt a tear run down my face, surrendering to the emotion. He obviously saw this and he cupped my face, kissing me even more. By accident he ejaculated into me and I let out a contented moan, I tightened my grip on him and I felt my hips thrust. He, as well, built up the pace and before too long, he was slamming into my body with feverish passion.


My legs locked around his back, drawing him in, and I matched each of his thrusts with my own. Our senses were clouded by only each other. There were lips and hands and caresses and kisses--all the senses that drowned out the world around us. Momentarily, I forgot about the mighty Titanic on which we floated. The Renault disappeared from around us, as did the world. Social status and worldly things were forgotten in this single moment, when time seemed to stand still and Jack and I were the only people in the universe. Everything I ever learned was forgotten, because this was the only thing that truly mattered.


I opened my eyes, looking up into Jack's intent and feverish face. The sight was strangely arousing, and I arched my hips up to receive him at a different angle. I gasped his name as his penis began hitting my clitoris from this angle. I brought my arms up, wrapping my lover tightly into my arms as he continued to pump himself into me, even harder still.


By now, my sweet Jack was showering my face in frenzied kisses when suddenly, I felt stars explode in the back of my mind as I felt an intense orgasm rip through my groins. I screamed his name several times- the feeling was nothing that I'd ever felt before. It was better than being 'turned on' by Jack. I'd never felt anything like this- to me, it was the best feeling in the world. Jack knew what was making me scream and making me thrust and slam into him from underneath. There was nothing I could do to escape this wonderful feeling and show Jack how much I am loving this, and him, except slam my hand up against the foggy window. I don't think I even thought about it- I just. . .did it. It felt like it was only way to surrender to the passion, the desire, the freedom, the love, the emotion, the. . .pleasure, and so my hand slammed against the car window. A symbol of love and pleasure, my hand stayed up there for about 10 long, pleasurable seconds. Jack saw what I was doing and he kissed me all over, my eyes were closed and my chest was pounding up and down with every heartbeat, I was breathing roughly but with a smile on my lips. Jack stroked my face and my eyes opened to his touch. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. I felt him ejaculate again as he orgasmed, I closed my eyes.


''Oh. . .'' I moaned


''Rose. . .oh Rose. . .'' he sighed. He emptied every last drop of his seed into my womb and after a lifetime of pleasure, my hand slipped down from the window to rest with the other one around his neck.


After, we just stared at each other with fatigued awe, the thought of our lovemaking overwhelmed me. We were both trembling, our noses just touching, we were both breathing roughly and we smiled tiredly together, I couldn't think of anything to say except: ''You're trembling,'' I held him close


''Don't worry. . .I'll be alright,'' he grinned with a tired look in his eyes. Oh Jack! Sweet Jack! How I love you! We leant in and we kissed a short and sweet kiss. After, I kissed his forehead and rested his head sideways on my breast. I held onto him for dear life and closed my eyes. Lovemaking was, by far, the best experience I had ever known, and the thought that it was with Jack made it even better. No-one could take him away from me now, we belonged to each other, I was his and he was mine. We love each other! I want every night for the rest of my life to be like this, but with Jack. The way I felt at that moment was indescribable, to experience that sort of pleasure with Jack was overwhelming. I'm going to get off this ship with Jack and we're going to live our lives together, we're going to make each day count. Together. . .