Written By: Cuppy Cake

Jack was truly lovesick. He wondered why God had made his life so unfair?  he was poor, his parents had died four years before, in 1908, now he'd fallen in love with a girl he could never have. Oh, he just longed to hold her in his arms. Why couldn't he? What was so wrong about it? It sucked. . .

Rose was absolutely gutted and ashamed of herself for leaving Jack in the gymnasium. Telling him to 'go away' when he was pouring his heart out to her. It was just so unacceptable! Plus, she knew she had feelings for him -- that much she couldn't deny. She would try to deny her heart by thinking that Jack and her were just 'friends' nothing more, nothing less but how could she when it was not what her heart thought? Deep down she knew herself that she loved Jack in a way she'd never loved anyone else. She loved him. She was just scared that Cal would find out. . . Oh sod Cal Hockley! 'is this really what I want for me? or what he wants? I love Jack Dawson! I really do!' Rose got ahold of herself and turned to talk to her Mother, who was right next to her, in the tea room.

''Mother?'' she asked politely.

''Rose, can't you see I'm talking? Is it very important?''

''Yes, Mother,'' Rose said.

''Then you may tell me,'' she sighed.

''Mother, I am in love with Jack Dawson. I'm telling you in the nicest way possible. I'm sorry Mother but I no longer wish to marry Caledon Hockley. I'm sure he will give you some money for your life. If he does not, I'm sure a few hours of work wouldn't do you any harm. . .I'm sorry but it is what I want. I want Jack. . .'' her voice trailed off when she saw her Mothers face -- it looked like she'd seen a ghost.

''Rose, we went through this. You're marrying Hockley and that is final,'' Ruth raised her voice.

''Mother. . .please? I don't want to, I don't love him. . .'' Rose said with tears in her eyes.

''Love? You think love is important? You think that you've found true love with some common steerage boy!?'' Ruth shouted quietly, trying to keep her composure.

''Some common steerage boy? he's much more than that! He's a proper gentleman!'' Rose shouted, getting up to leave.

''Sit down, young lady,'' Ruth said.

''No! I'm going to see Jack because, Mother, I.Love.Him and you are not going to change that!'' she said and walked out the room.

Ruth stared at Rose, she was dreadfully embarrassed and turned back to the Countess of Rothes and Lady Duff-Gordon,

''I do apologize. . .'' she forced a smile.

''That's quite alright my dear,'' Countess of Rothes smiled.

Lady Duff Gorden smiled, ''You know Ruth, Cosmo and I married for love and we were poor to start off with. In our second year of marriage I started designing my lingerie and Cosmo became a business dealer, now look at us -- here we are,'' she smiled, ''If she doesn't love Mr. Hockley, that's quite understandable, she loves this 3rd class boy who came to our dinner? There's no harm in that at all, luck might just sail their way, give the boy a chance at least, Ruth dear,''

''Lucille, She is barely seventeen and she's gone and ruined her life running off to that steerage trash!''

''Ruth, Lucille, lets get back to talking about our bridesmaids gowns,'' The countess of Rothes smiled.

''Of course!'' Lucille laughed.

Jack was, yet again, thinking about his beautiful Rose. At least in Jack's heart that's how he would see it. His Rose. He was disturbed from his thoughts when he heard a voice from behind him.

''Hello Jack,'' Rose smiled. Jack knew who that voice belonged to. He turned instantly to find her standing there, looking radiantly beautiful as always. She smiled at him -- he was puzzled -- just minutes ago, she'd told him to go away and now here she was? What was going on?

''I changed my mind. . .'' she shrugged. Jack grinned -- very wide. Did that mean that they were still friends? Or does it mean she wants something more than friendship. . .? Jack, of course, smiled at this thought. ''They said you might be up here,'' Rose continued, meaning Fabrizio and Tommy.

''Shh,'' Jack whispered. Rose looked shocked -- did he still want her? Had she blown her chance? She was relived when he stepped closer and smiled, ''give me you're hand,'' Jack continued, extending his hand out to hers. Was he going to kiss her? Rose gladly took his hand and stepped closer to him, she looked into his eyes -- his beautiful, blue eyes. His handsome face she couldn't help but feel head over heels in love ''now close your eyes,'' Jack smiled. Rose looked up at him wonderingly. Was he going to kiss her? When she didn't Jack said again, ''go on,'' He looked into her eyes again and she smiled at him, before closing them. ''step up onto the railing,'' Jack said into her ear. She stepped up cautiously. ''Keep your eyes closed. Don't peek,'' Jack smiled.

''I'm not,'' she breathed. Jack smiled at her.

''Hold on to the railing,'' Jack whispered. ''Keep your eyes closed,'' Rose let out a nervous laugh -- Jack heard this and immediately asked her sweetly, ''Do you trust me?''

''I trust you,'' she said certainly. Jack was delighted at that remark and stretched her arms out. He held onto her waist -- steadying her gently.

''Ok, open your eyes,'' he grinned. Rose let out a gasp. She couldn't believe the sight! So beautiful! She felt as if she was on a magical journey and the only people in the world were her and Jack. She could feel his hands on her waist and this made her even more excited.

''I'm flying! Jack!'' she sighed, amazed. Jack smiled -- it was nice to see her happy. As the waves crashed against the ship at the bottom and as the breeze blew into their faces he tightened his grip around Rose, hugging her and sheltering her from the cold and dangers of the world. Rose closed her eyes for a split second -- was she dreaming? Jack Dawson had his arms wrapped around her and his head was leaning on her shoulder! Their cheeks were touching! She could feel his warm breath on her cheek! She could feel his eyes burning into her skin! She could feel the adrenalin pumping through her veins! Now, she could feel his hands running through hers! Had their been a more beautiful moment in her life? A moment of absolute perfection?

''Come Josephine. . .In my flying machine. . .up she goes. . .up she goes. . .'' Jack sung in his out-of-tune voice that Rose thought was so beautiful, she loved his voice, she loved everything about him -- his looks, his personality, his way of living, everything that was so him -- everything that was so perfect! Everything that was so. . .Jack!

Rose was disturbed from her thoughts when she felt his arms wrap around his waist -- bringing hers with them, their hands lay intertwined on her waist. Now, what could possibly make the moment more perfect? Rose turned towards him and was amazed at the sight of him so close up, their lips were literally about 3 centimeters away, Jack smiled at her nervously and she smiled back. She looked into his eyes then focused her attention on his beautiful, luscious looking lips -- would they taste luscious? hmm, she'd soon find out. Jack was absolutely delighted and fascinated by her face close up. He looked at her lips. For the past two days he'd been longing to taste her delicious looking lips -- he wanted to taste the inside of her mouth, he wanted to taste her tongue. He leant in, she accepted very willingly and now their lips were pressed together. Jack pulled away and they leant in again. They kissed gently with the building passion between them. Jack was playing on Rose's senses. All that she could think about was what his lips were doing and where his hands were. She felt herself really fly as they kissed more, as he deepened it by wrapping her even more tightly in his arms. She placed her hand automatically on his neck.

Jack was absolutely over the moon - never in his life had anything been so good. He was so occupied with Rose. Her body, her lips, her eyes, her tongue, everything about her just mad his mouth water for her touch and now her kiss, he didn't want to stop kissing her, he thought it almost impossible to stop.

Sooner or later the kiss had to end and it was about 15 minutes later that they actually bothered to pull away. Rose opened her eyes and found herself looking  into Jack's beautiful blue eyes. He smiled shyly at her and kissed her lips softly once more.

''Jack'' she muttered, breathlessly, with her eyes still closed. He kissed her again softly - unable to stop himself. They finally stopped kissing and Jack climbed off the bow and helped Rose down. They walked down the decks and Rose linked her hand with Jack's. He smiled to himself. When they got to the 1st class entrance, he stopped them both just outside the door. He led Rose into a corner where no-one could see them and kissed her more. About 5 minutes later, after their long enjoyable kiss, he backed her up and kissed her sweetly before wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her to him as they walked into 1st class.

''You know you look very beautiful,'' Jack smiled to her as he got a glimpse of her cleavage. He smiled to himself as he imagined Rose without her dress. He could feel his pants getting tighter and him getting hot at that thought.

Rose blushed when Jack said this. She leant up and kissed him sweetly on his lips, ''thank-you,''' After their tender kiss, Rose asked him, ''Jack? Do you think you could come back to my room with me?''

''Sure.'' he smiled and kissed her again. Jack and Rose were both looking forward to their future together. They knew themselves that they were meant to be. That they had both found their true love. After all, they had just experienced their one and only 'true loves first kiss'