The Boiler Room

Written by: Cuppy Cake
© 2005
based on some characters and situations originated by James Cameron

''Now what?''

''What!?'' Rose laughed.

Jack pointed at the ladder and Rose nodded. 'After you, m'lady,'' Rose smiled.

He went down first then he saw she was struggling herself to climb down he lifted her down from her waist.

Jack and Rose looked around in wonder; they had never seen such a sight- they were in the boiler room; it looked like a vision of hell itself.
Suddenly, who appeared to be the man in charge shouted in their ears:

''Oi! what you two doin down 'ere? it could be dangerous!'' then he saw Jack and Rose run off, ''Oi!''

Jack and Rose weren't listening.

''Carry On don't mind us! keep up the good work!'' he shouted cheerfully, then, he grabbed Rose's hand- leading her into the shadows................

He was hesitant at first but then, he needed it, he pulled her in for a kiss- their second one.

''Jack....'' she moaned- barely audible as he kissed her, his tongue gently entered her mouth and he stroked her neck with desire. Rose didn't back
away- this kiss was more passionate then he had ever kissed her before. It lasted longer than 15 minutes- neither one bothering to pull away.
Instead, Jack deepened the kiss- he put both his hands on her cheeks as he kissed the sweat trickeling down from her forehead.

''You're so beautiful.......,'' Jack whispered to her through their sensual kisses.

His mouth drifted lower towards her neck, as he nuzzled it passionatley she closed her eyes in pleasure.

He pulled away and she smiled, He grinned and they kissed one last time and then he took her by the hand into the cargo hold where little did they know
they would have the time of their lives.......................................