by Cuppy Cake

Jack loved Rose right from the start,
Rose wouldn't admit it but he was always in her heart,
She loved him so dearly, she loved him so right,
And so they made love, but it was a fateful night.
As they ran out on deck
It began to shake, little did they know this would be a wreck.
Nothing on earth could between them; these young lovers,
Except the cold, cold North Atlantic
On a cold, cold night,
For eachother, Jack and Rose were so right
Jack gave up his life for Rose,
Thats true love- everyone knows.
But, Jack should have lived and married Rose
They should've had children and lived a long and happy life together
But alas, no, Rose has to wait until its her turn, yes she has to wait.
Until its her turn, to walk through heavens gates,
And see the love of her life after a lifetime- smiling down with that gorgeous face.