Chapter 7

Rose glance over at Jack, with the proposal of marriage still in the air. She smiled to herself seeing him asleep in bed. There was a knock on the door. Rose was startled. She got up and opened the door. She had been fully clothed thank god. She would have hated to be naked in front of his parents. She fixed her dress and then opened the door.

It was his mother, Martha. "Hello Rose, where's Jack?"

"Asleep, after our dance lessons we fell asleep on his bed together." Rose said.

"Ah well the doctor must sleep than. Would you mind having a word with me over tea?" Martha asked curious about Rose.

"Sure Mrs. Dawson." Rose stepped outside leaving the door closed as she came out.

Rose sat up straight sitting on the chair across from his mother. She looked like an easy lady to talk too.

"So Rose now that you are dating my son, do you expect this relationship to go anywhere?" Martha asked frankly.

Rose looked at her. "Yes I do. I love Jack. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Jack proposed to me." Rose looked at Martha she looked in shock.

"Marriage, my son wants to marry you?" Martha asked.

"Yes he does. We get along so well Mrs. Dawson." Rose smiled.

"Does Victoria know about this?" Martha asked.

"Victoria? No she doesn't know. What makes you think she should know?" Rose hated to be rude.

"Victoria likes Jack. I brought him here to marry a fine young lady like her. It would further his father's career. They are to be bethroed, but Jack does not know this." Martha confessed her evil plan.

"Excuse me for being rude, but Jack doesn't like Vicky. He hates her, she's like the plague." Rose told her.

"Rose, I know Jack likes you. But you have to stay away from him. I cannot have my son marry a harlot like you." Martha looked down on Rose.

"Harlot?" "I've never been called a harlot in my life." "Out of respect, I am gonna leave before this gets messy." Rose felt hurt.

She hurried out the door and cried in the elevator. She didn't take the money that Jack had given her. She just went home.

Later that night, Jack woke up. He felt around for Rose, but she was gone. Her bag still lay on his dresser. He got up stretched and figured Rose had been hungry. He went out his door and it was quiet and dark.

He peaked inside his parent's room nothing they had been asleep. Jack went back to his room and picked up the phone to call Rose.

The phone rang, Rose picked up. "Hello?"

"Rose, why did you leave without saying goodbye?" Jack asked.

"I can't see you ever again, Jack. Please just leave me alone." She held back her tears.

"What did I do wrong, Rose? He asked.

"I can't say." Rose said.

"Does this have something to do with my mother? Did she tell you something?" Jack knew his mother had mettled into his love life. She had told Rose something.

"I know my mother did this, Rose. I love you and I am not leaving you alone. We're getting married tonight. Meet me at the Rosa Negra." "Will you be there, Rose?"

"Jack, I can't." Rose began to say.

"You have to you left your bag here. I'll bring it to you." "If your not at the Rosa Negra, I will leave you alone." Jack said and clicked off.

He got dressed and was out the door in seconds. He wasn't gonna let his mother ruin the best thing he ever had. He walked to the Rosa Negra, Rose stood there waiting.

He smiled when he saw her. "Here's you bag."

She took it her eyes were red from crying and he could tell. He kissed her eyes. "Marry me, tonight. Rose."

"I......" Rose loved him with all her heart.

"Sheesh. No if and's or buts Rose. Marry me." He knelt down on his knees and looked up at her. He put a ring on her finger.

She cried out of happiness. "I love you so much, Jack."

He scooped her up and kissed her madly. He hailed a cab and told the cabbie to take them to the nearest all night Chapel. The driver speed down the roads fast. Before they knew it they were there.

Jack walked into the chapel, but not before telling the cabbie to give him his card for pick up tomorrow. Jack handed the cabbie a tip and the driver left soon afterwards.

Rose knew she loved him and marrying him like this was nothing like she had ever expected. He held her hand and took her into the chapel. Tonight they would be husband and wife. Rose looked up to the stars, a shooting star passed. She made a wish then looked at Jack who was smiling at her.

"What did you wish for?" He asked.

"You'll find out soon enough, Mr. Dawson." She smiled.

"Come on Mrs. Dawson. Let's make this official." He took her hand and lead her into the chapel.

She smiled, she didn't even think about what his mother had told her and at that moment she didn't care. She loved Jack so much it was like he was her air she needed to breath because without it. She would die.

Chapter 8