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Posted Photo of the Month for February, you can now vote for Photo of the Month for March. I also updated the Multimedia page with the Forum link. I finished posting the Romeo and Juliet section for the Film Portfolio that only leaves me, with Titanic left which I am adding slowly.

I haven’t started working on the new theme for this Month as Yesterday was my daughter’s 10th birthday.  So i have been kinda slacking off, but I am doing well and so is my son and so is the baby. So we all are good.

I’ve gotten two emails from Leo fans that think I am Leo. So if you are using my contact form submitting messages to Leo. I am sure he would appreciate it if he was running this site, but since he isn’t. I can only delete them. I will not answer Leo fan emails. Last time, I responded to an email of that nature. The person wrote back an evil email. So they will be deleted guess I need to specify that on the contact form.

I am still accepting donations so please submit donations when ever you can. We need your help!


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