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There’s been no news lately been checking but nothing. Diane, one of our gallery admins is doing us a big favor and I really could not thank her enough for what’s she’s doing and has done. I owe her a big thanks for helping me as well as the site itself.

I really hope something new comes in soon relating to Leo’s latest films I’ve been gone from the Leo world for far too long. Every time I come back its like I’ve been on vacation. I just wanna let you know the site is not dead. Just in hiatus till something new comes in. We already seen a few things from Django Unchained and Gatsby. Till then, we shall see.


6 Comments on “No news”

  1. c vraiment grâce à toi si j’ai pu aller plainte.
    Alors merci de me recontacter j’ai des tas de choses à te raconter.
    merci de me croire.
    Notre correspondance me manque terriblement.

    Sory to Marcie for this message.
    Mais j’aimerais tellement recorrespondre avec toi Diane !
    j’espère à très vite !

  2. Diane si tu pouvais me re-contacter ça me ferait très plaisir. Vraiment j’ai des choses à te raconter sur mon histoire personnelles qui est vraie. S’il te plait re-contacte moi car tu me manques vraiment….

  3. I know Marcie, we need some news soon. 🙁 At least this month Leo will start to shoot Wolf in NY. But you Marcie and the ones that collaborated with this site do a great job always. 😉

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