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Movie Premieres and Gallery Upcoming Update

Some of you have been asking when premieres are in your country. I am sorry to say that I only know as much as you guys do. Since I only live in Los Angeles, Ca. I cannot tell you where or when premieres in Spain, Rome or etc are. I gather they are a week before the film is released in your country. But that’s all I can tell you.
In fact, I barely found out mine was this Monday on December 15th. But I found a site that will tell when the next premiere for Leo’s movie is and at what time. I will not pass this site out, but if you live in the Los Angeles, Hollywood areas I can give it to you. I don’t wanna spread this site cause I don’t know how long it will exist.

So I would kindly ask that you try and search on the net for the info. I am not a Leo encyclopedia. If I knew I would post the info here.

I wanna thank Cristina and Magali for their help with scans and caps. Since they gave me a lot to add to the gallery for you guys.
If anyone is from France here’s a mag to get: Sensuelle


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  1. I have never been to a premiere of Leo´s movies, though I always say I will everytime he´s got a new movie coming out. There are never premieres of Leo´s movies in my country unfortunately. But there is this site I always check out for the scheduled movie premieres in London. So, for the people living in the UK or anyone else who wants to go to a premiere in London you can check this site:

    Revolutionary Road premiere will be on January 18 in London 😀

  2. Thanks Kelli. I guess you can see why I am asking for donations every contribution goes straight to the gallery. I am still waiting for my ebay EW copy of Leo and Kate.

  3. Marcie, I just want to thank you for all the work you and your staff do. I especially love your gallery. I don’t know how you find the pictures and most up-to-date. I’m absolutely amazed and what you and your staff do. Thank you 🙂

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