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HOD Networks New Idea

Hello Leo Fans,

This is Anthony the husband of Marcie. I am always working in the background of the sites we maintain and today I came up with the idea (after Marcie had purchased the Kate domain) of starting a new section for the HOD Network called

The Simply Line what this in tales is the purchase of Domain Names such as…

As you may have noticed with the domain name the beginning start with simply and the other half is the name of the actor/actress now what I am asking is…

1)  Do you think we should move all the content on this site to and use heart for some other topic?

2) Do you think we should just park the domain on top of
NOTE: this method is said to lower your page rank in Google “repeat sites”

3) Do you think we should place it as a redirect to


Now me personally I love the idea of multiple websites using the URL format stated above I know it will be a pain to move the website over and a lot of affiliates will have to update their URL to the new URL but in the end it will pay off for us as we acquirer other domains to add to the ones we have already.


Just think of it!!

HOD Network is Proud to Present
The Simply Line

Top Quality Celebrity Websites


Please tell us what you think by submitting your comments,

tell us why we should do what you suggest


4 Comments on “HOD Networks New Idea”

  1. i think that if you ask the question it means that it's time for you to change the name. It will be a new begining.

  2. Well, I think it's a good idea, changing the site to The Simply Line because it will make things easier to you but I think everyone is accustomed to The Heart Of Destiny. It would be like a new beginning for this wonderful website 😉

  3. Hi,I think you should do the number #1 thing..It will be easier to understand that this is a leonardo Dicaprio fan site,By the name and everything.

  4. Hello, Marcie & Anthony! What a beautiful new home page. WOW, the photos of Leo are sooooo sharply HD!! To answer your question about the simply. . ., I'm not sure if I understand the benefit. I've grown very fond of the name Heart of Destiny. However, if by changing simply. . . will make it easier for you to manage the websites, I think you should call the shots. Since I'm not an affiliate, this would not affect me. I like the idea your idea # 2 very much. Does it really matter if your page rank is lower in Google? This is not a commercial site, right? Well, those are my 2cents worth. I hope it helps. Whatever you decide and based on other feedback, I'm sure you'll make the best decision. Thanks for asking us our opinion. Besides, no matter what you decide, this still is the BEST LEO SITE EVER. Can't imagine any site better than yours!!

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