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Gallery Registeration

For now I will only accept registerations by email. Because of a spamming virus going around in all coppermine galleries around the world. So please send me this info to All this information is required, if you do not send complete info I will disregard your email and it will be deleted.



a valid email address

Website: if you have one (MySpace is not a website, its a profile)



“If you do not have a MySpace, Website or Facebook let me know in your email, this is very important.”


6 Comments on “Gallery Registeration”

  1. oops, it was my bad. never mind my last messege, but can you please register me again (I sent you my registration stuff)

  2. hey marcie can you send me something to my email ( I tried sending my registration stuff on my emaail, but I get an error messege.

  3. Hi , Marcie. Is the gallery open because i cant register . Pleace , tell me why 🙂

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