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The gallery is back online for now, but I am not allowing any new members for now. Until I find whoever harassed my friend, I am gonna watch everything. Diane will not be working with us anymore. I deleted her account along with the pics she posted. She was hurt by what you guys said to her about her pics. I haven’t had the chance to make a new layout cause I had to share my computer with my husband cause his computer died. So maybe by this weekend.


12 Comments on “Gallery Notice

  1. AnjelesaD

    How horrible can people be? If you are a true Leo fan, than you love him in every way. I don't know what people were saying to Diane – but what were they even doing on this site in the first place? What a better place the world would be if there fewer haters in it!

  2. Kayla

    Wow, I never knew that that was happening. I loved looking at her pictures and I never saw anything wrong with them. It annoys me that when someone like Diane has put her time and energy into helping out with putting up pictures is being harassed because they "didn't like the pictures." I hope she comes back 🙁

  3. A

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened- I didn't notice anything wrong with pics. However, I need your help — Everytime I try to log on it tells me "sorry try again" and it's the same account i've always used. Please help, thanks.

  4. Jennifer

    That sucks. I think you all are doing a great job on this site. Its by far the best leo site there is. I enjoyed looking at all the pics that were posted some I have never seen before. I hope you find out who did it. I hope she will reconsider coming back.

  5. Naty

    I'm really sorry to hear about Diane leaving the HOD; maybe she'll reconsider working with us to keep up all the good work that she was doing!

  6. Isabell

    What idiot has complained over the pics she put in??? I loved the pics she put in,a lot of them where pics i havent seen befor.I really hope she commes back and workes on HOD because she always uppdatet the gallery with neew and GREAT pics.

  7. Monica

    I just can't believe someone did that! Diane was making a great work and she was a big help to the gallery. I'm so sorry to hear about Diane not working for HOD anymore 🙁

  8. Candy

    What was wrong with her photos?

  9. becks

    I'm so sorry to hear that too about Diane. What sort of person would harass Diane about the photos she put on of Leo, what was the point! I hope to that she will reconsider. 🙁

  10. disusan

    I'm so sorry to hear about Diane not working for HOD anymore. I didn't think the photos were that bad to the point of insults. There were good ones and not so good ones, but any photo of Leo is worth viewing. Hopefully, she'll reconsider. 🙂

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