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Gallery Cutdown

Yesterday we received a warning from our host that, we were over our file limit. But we called them and apparently it was an error. {nl} {nl}So to cutdown on the gallery, I removed intermediate images. Those are the images you click on before you get the full image. So sorry we had to do that. I hope everyone can understand. {nl} {nl}Currently the gallery has a temporary theme. I will be making a custom one, later today. {nl} {nl}New pics added{nl} {nl}Photoshoot 35 – Newer- 2000’s > set 35{nl}The Beach – Extra’s{nl}Leonardo –  Just Leo11th Hour – Recapped Screen Captures


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  1. Hello Marcie, I write you because I can't login to access to the gallery. Maybe I must register me. Thank you for your answer. mag

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