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Because I know that a whole bunch of you are dying to have the gallery back open. I have been trying to decide how to open it. I would love anyone’s opinion and input. Tell me which you would prefer and why you would like it that way.

First Choice – I would open the gallery just as it is now containing 9765 pics.

Second Choice – Wait until I have completed it with the full 16,000 pics?

Please comment and tell me what you think we should do. I will take what the majority of you say and use that. Please give suggestions if you have any too.


20 Comments on “Gallery”

  1. I chose the first option but why can not we subscribe to blog and to have access to the gallery … Excuse me for spelling mistakes, I am neither American nor British … I am French … ^^”

  2. Marcie, I can wait, so I go with the 2nd choice. I hope that will make it easier for you. Take as long as it takes . . . don't rush. Take your time and make sure you get plenty of rest. DON'T STRESSS! Love to you and your family!

  3. I vote for the first , but whichever one is easier on you. I Hope You Feel Better !

  4. I would say first choice causeI can't wait to see Leo's pics again but It's your choice Marcie! Take Care! 😉

  5. i'd say first cause you normally add pics every so often anyways so they will all be on there eventually :spin:

  6. I prefer first choice becaause I can't wait for your gallery – you are great!

  7. First choice because I can't wait to see the gallery…if you are agree 😉

  8. I think the first chice ,But if tis only a cupple of days about the secound choice then it doesn't matter.. But if its about a month or something then i Think the first choice..

  9. I think you should go for the first but it's your choice marcie. There can not be enough pictures in your gallery. You site and gallery rocks. Willy

  10. I say the second choice, depending on how long it will take to upload the remaining images. If it's a couple more days I can wait :spin:

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