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65,000 Photos and 12 years Online

After all these years, we finally hit a milestone. With 12 years on working on putting this site together and with all the help we received with contributions, drawing, photos and so much more. I am proud to say thank you to all of you that helped us. Because of your love for Leo and your dedication to the site. I decided to leave our gallery open to anyone who wishes to view it, but you must email me your username, password and email address. Because of the constant spam we been getting through the registration form. So if your interested just send an email to me and I’ll add you, email me at


5 Comments on “65,000 Photos and 12 years Online”

  1. I know that Marcie is Leo’s fan and I am so happy there are people in this world who are able to love my dearest actor truly. Leo deserves great love and respect. Thank you Marcie. 😛 :rolleyes:

  2. Congrats Marcie, your site is the best. And thanks for everyone that help this site.

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