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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio born November 11, 1974 is an American actor and film producer. DiCaprio began his career by appearing in television commercials in the early 1990s, after which he had recurring roles in various television series such as the soap opera Santa Barbara and the sitcom Growing Pains. He also won his first Academy Award and BAFTA Award for his performance in The Revenant. DiCaprio is the founder of his own production company, Appian Way Productions and is an environmentalist.

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I’m gonna be working on the new layout, which Erika has made for me. I didn’t have time to make a layout so I asked her to make one for me. Since I have been working so hard on Simply Kate Winslet, and Gabrielle Christian.{nl}I finally finished Revolutionary Road, loved every bit of it. Thank you Diane. It was a real good book. {nl}I usually don’t put articles on the page page, but i think this deserved to be here:{nl}More Than Just a Pretty Face: Big-Hearted Celebs{nl}{nl}A staunch environmentalist, DiCaprio produced and narrated The 11th Hour ? and founded the accompanying online network ? to focus on the urgent changes needed to save the environment. “We, as citizens, leaders, consumers and voters, have the opportunity to help integrate ecology into governmental policy and every day living standards,” he says. {nl}Source:


Hello Friends,{nl}It’s been a few days since I haven’t been online. Us here in Los Angeles, CA. Just got the most nastiest heatwave. It’s been 95 degree’s here for the past few days, those of you in other country’s that 35c. So you can imagine..{nl}I’ve been away from my computer and the heat has kept me outside, unfortunately I don’t have a laptop. {nl}I’ve been working on my new site: Simply Kate Winslet. So that has taken part of my time as well as playing tech support for other website owners. I’m thinking of charging for my services. It took time to learn everything I know. Almost 10 years!{nl}I added a field to add your youtube and livejournal sites, so for the users that have them can add them in the gallery to their profiles. I currently have 16 registerations to add so for those of you that haven’t received an email I apologize.{nl}I added 4 new pics they can be viewed here.{nl} 


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