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Gallery Update

Just thought I would say Hello. I know i have been out recently, but if you didn’t know what happened to me you can read the posts below. Everyone keeps asking where is the gallery. I know some of you don’t understand English, but the gallery is totally gone. I will give you the new url when I am finished.

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I’m back

I was really scared on Thursday night I had pressure in my head that wouldn’t stop. I thought I had some kind of tumor or something. Then my whole body got numb.

Diagnosis was: Low Potassium and Stress.

As for the Gallery, I am working on it. I will tell you the url when i am finished.

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Update – Family Emergency

Hello everybody, well it’s the next day and we are back. Yes Marcie is Home!! and doing fine as i write this she is working on the HQ Gallery after all we know the less you see of Leo the more chance you could suffer from (HYPOLEONARDOEMIA) and we would not like to happen to our visitors.  After running test, Blood work-ups, CAT Scans, the doctor came in and said it was HYPOKALEMIA, Low potassium (hypokalemia) is a condition of low level of potassium in the blood. this most often occurs in patients taking Diuretics (water Pills). it also occurs in cases of prolonged vomiting or Diarrhea. and That’s it.


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Family Emergency – Site on Hold

Hello Everybody, today Marcie became ill to the point we felt she should go to the emergency room for full test and exams. She is there now, symptoms i will not give any at this time for the reason that Marcie might want to keep it private i am sure she will let you know when she returns. But i felt that i should tell the HOD community as i know that most of you have become real good friends with my wife and would be concerned about here. LOVE YOU MY DEAR MARCIE

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Gallery Notice

During a site transfer the gallery was lost. It’s gonna take some time to reupload it all. So Gallery Admins, i will contact you so you can reupload all the images you put sorry for this. But I have to start from scratch, I couldn’t save the database it got corrupted some how.

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New Leo Pics

I’ve been busy adding new Leo pics for the past few hours. Here are the albums I’ve updated :

Just Leo
Leo Scans
Young Leo
Black and White


Black and White

Celebrity – On the Set
The Man in the Iron Mask (On the Set, Stills and Promos)
Marvin’s Room Stills
Romeo and Juliet Premiere
Titanic Press Conference
Total Eclipse Stills
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Stills

Die Zeit
Mondo Uomo
Movie Idols
Vanity Fair (Replaced April 1996 pic)
Paris Match
Scholastic Choices

That’s it for now, I’ll be adding more pics later tonight 🙂

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Gallery Update

I worked all day long for this gallery.

I added :

2 pics of Leo & Bar Spain
5 pics of Leo & Bar Los Cabos Mexico
24 pics of Leo & Bar Italy
1 pic of Leo & Bar Israël
4 pics of Leo & Bar Greece
15 pics of Leo & Bar France
1 pic of Leo Still Blood Diamond
5 pics of Leo on set Blood Diamond
18 pics of Leo & Gisele Italy
26 pics of Leo & Gisele Los Angeles
19 pics of Leo & Bar Los Angeles
2 pics of Leo on set The Departed
67 pics of Leo & Gisele New York
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Gallery Update

I added 10 photos of Leo : interview
I added 14 pics of Léo : Cannes 07
13 pics : interviews 11th hour -Unknown
17 pics : 11th hour – beverly Hills Press Conference