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Leonardo Sightsees in Capri Without Blake to Celebrate Naomi’s 40th

Leonardo DiCaprio disembarked from a yacht last night to explore Capri with his best friend Lukas Haas. He and Lukas reconvened on the Italian island to start celebrating their pal Naomi Campbell’s 40th birthday, which was actually on Sunday. Naomi and her boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, were likewise game for some sightseeing and took a stroll near the port hand in hand. Leo seems to be without his latest love interest, Blake Lively. Leo and Blake were just together in Portofino, which they visited after going public with their blossoming romance last week during the Cannes Film Festival. Leo’s ex seems to be moving on, too. There was a Bar Refaeli bikini sighting in the South of France once Leo left, and the supermodel also treated herself to a recent night out on the town with her girlfriends. Leo was back out for more fun in the sun today, and was spotted joking around with friends on the deck of Naomi and Vlad’s luxury boat.

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