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Leonardo DiCaprio to Promote ‘The Revenant’ in China

Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Revenant has made its debut on Friday in China.

On Sunday he will be here in China to promote the film.

Directed by veteran Alejandro Inarritu, the film follows a frontiersman’s journey of survival and revenge after being abandoned by his fellow fur trappers in the early 19th century in Native American territory.

Its triumphs at the Oscars in the best actor, director and cinematography categories have apparently helped the movie gain more popularity in China.

The Revenant debuted on more than 11,000 screens nationwide. The box office receipts of this movie have reached 4.45 million yuan or some 680,000 US dollars in one day.

According to the industry forecast, the total box office will be over 300 million yuan or 46 million US dollars.


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