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Leo highest grossing star of 2010

The star of global box-office smashes Inception and Shutter Island managed to rack up 1.1 billion dollars in cinema ticket sales from the films he made this year, according to

Leonardo will no doubt be celebrating Christmas in style after earning at least 50 million dollars for his work on Christopher Nolan’s dream thriller Inception, and more from DVD sales, as he struck a deal to star in the director’s project.

As the now global hit was previously thought a risk, Leonardo agreed to take a pay cut to star in the film. He took well under his average 20 million dollars per movie pay cheque home from filming, but instead agreed to split a share of the first-dollar gross points with Christopher.

Alice In Wonderland stars Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska have been named the joint second-highest grossing stars of the year.

While newcomer Mia was not as big a box office draw as Johnny she did appear in almost every scene of Tim Burton’s magical 3D adventure, which was the second-highest earning movie this year, taking 1.03 billion dollars at the box office.

Mia also stars alongside Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in the award-nominated indie film The Kids Are Alright, which has so far taken 29 million dollars at the box office, despite it’s low budget. Meanwhile, Depp’s The Tourist has already earned the same after just one week.

Robert Downey Jr, who starred in Iron Man 2 and comedy Due Date this year, came fourth in the list. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was named the fifth-highest grossing star of 2010.

Source: PA

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  1. Congrats Leo! for sure this is a great year for him, amazing movies and performances! 😉 :roflao:

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