The Owner

Anthony and Marcie Lucas

1 .Can you tell us something more about you? And your hobby’s? Interests etc.

My name is Marcie Lucas. I am a mother of 3, two girls and a boy. I graduated college in 2000 receiving my AA degree in Liberal arts. My last occupation was a photographer. I have an interest in writing fan fiction and making graphics. My main interest when I first began was Titanic, then later Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. How long have you been part of

Well, I am the owner so since the beginning when it was

3. What Leo means to you? How long have you been a fan?

Wow pretty much became a fan when Titanic came out. So since 1997. Since then been a fan since then. Leo means a lot to me, owning a site on him not only gave me friends from around the world, but made a big impact on my life.

4. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?

Uh I think the obvious to meet Leo himself. Cause I never met him.

5. What type of music do you like and do you have a favorite band or singer?

I love all music. My favourite right now is Lene Marlin. She’s a new artist that I found while surfing the internet.

6. What is your favorite Leo movie and character?

The Beach is definitely my favorite Leo Movie. My favorite character that he played has to be Amsterdam Vallon. I love his commitment and dedication.

7. Your favourite Leo item that you own.

A real picture of Leo that Shiva gave to me. That is the precious thing I have ever received and own.

8. Do you care about the environment?

Very much, I recycle what ever I can.

9. What’s one thing you wish you could tell Leo.

I would love to tell Leo how brilliant and how fascinating he is. But I think he already knows that. Also to let him know he’s been a major part of inspiration for keeping this site up for so long. Without his powerful talent this site would not be here.

10. Last question, Is something you would like to say to all Leo fans.

All I would love to say to all Leo Fans is. I want to thank them for coming to the site and making it stand out among the rest out there. The Staff and I work really hard and we thank you for visiting.

Brief summary of your name: Marcie

Your first name of Marcie gives you the desire for responsibility and takes you into practical pursuits. You would excel in work of a technical nature where concentration and attention to detail are important. Whatever you undertake, you have the patience and determination to do well. You feel a sense of security in positions of responsibility where progress is made through systematic, step-by-step procedures. However, you lack vision and you could become too involved in technical details, system, and routine. You do not readily adjust to changes in your routine.