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March Updates

The following have been added to the gallery from March 2016

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2016 Updates

I missed a lot on what was happening in 2016 thanks to Nicky she is helping me get those things that I missed. For the past few days I have been going over what I have missed and have since added some images into the gallery that were never posted. I’ll be working on March and April soon.

January 2016
– 1/8/16 – the Ellen DeGeneres Show
– 1/17/16 – Thank you video for his win at the Critics’ Choice Awards
– 1/23/16 – 27th Producers Guild Awards

February 2016
2/7/16 – CANDIDS: Out and about in Beverly Hills
2/14/16 – BAFTA Awards with Kate
2/15/16 – CANDIDS: Bafta after party with Laura Whitemore
2/16/16 – CANDIDS: Dinner with Ridley Scott in London
2/15or16/16 – CANDIDS: Out & about in London with Irmelin and friends
2/20/16 – CANDIDS: London’s “One Embarkment”‘s birthday party
2/25/16 – CANDIDS: Warwick Nightclub
2/27/16 – Oscars'”Night Before” Party with Spielberg

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Recent Updates

Thanks to an old friend Nicky is helping us get back on track with events. So I did some updates and you can view them below.

Candids: Holiday in Cabo St. Lucas

Pictures from the Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Raising Gala Benefiting

He presented the Best Actress in a drama at the Golden Globes plus one with the winner posted on the Getty Instagram with one extra picture.

The elephantleaugue posted a picture on their Instagram with Leo, it looks like they discussed their documentary “The Ivory Game” (even this project is produced by Leo)

#EAL & #WildLeaks co-founder Andrea Crosta (first left) in LA talking about #TheIvoryGame and elephants with #LeonardoDiCaprio, Paul Allen, co-director Kief Davidson and Adam Del Deo of Netflix. ————————————– Talking about this powerful documentary and the complexity of the Ivory trade is crucial to save the elephants and apply pressure on China and Africa. @ElephantLeague will be monitoring the implementation of the Ivory ban in China during 2017. ————————————– #FightingBackForWildlife #elephants #wildlife #wildlifedocumentary #savetheelephants #banivorytrade #banivory #filmmaking #AndreaCrosta #LosAngeles #oscars #wildlifecrime #conservation

A photo posted by Elephant Action League (EAL) (@elephantleague) on

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New Staff for a New year

We’re gonna be looking for new staff in January here’s what we are looking for.

Icon maker– Make 5 icons a month in different sizes.

Animator– Someone that can make animated icons for our featured gif of the month

Photo researcher – I am mainly looking for someone to help with the photo gallery, which includes capping movies and tv shows in HD, finding photo shoots, magazine articles, public events, etc. Will need someone with image sources. No watermarked images.

Looking for someone with experience with coppermine and wordpress knowledge as well. Send your qualifications to

Tumblr Manager – We’re thinking of making a tumblr for our page if you got the know how on themeing we need you.

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Gallery Overhaul

Gonna be doing an overhaul in the gallery its a mess so gonna load pictures into their appropriate folders. There’s about over 1200 photos that are in the back-end but they aren’t in the gallery so I plan to fix it all. So if you see old events resurface that’s me fixing it.

Also a few users haven’t logged in, in three years so if that’s you those accounts were deleted. As you know users who keep their account active stay. So please login at least once a year. It keeps our database clean and runs faster for you.